Urbery’s Largest Delivery

This weekend, Urbery took on a mammoth task of delivering 160 cans of Redbull, 250 bags of Frito-Lay chips and 480 candy bars for the folks over at Battlehack.

Check out the video right here:

Battlehack is a 2-day hackathon that is designed to put Toronto’s best computer science students to the test. In 48 hours, they are challenged to come up with the best app they can using paying platforms like Paypal and Venmo.

While the task of coding for straight 48 hours is hard, the task of assembling $1000 worth of groceries in under 1 day wasn’t easy either. For one thing, no grocery store carries Redbull in bulk cases, so we chose to go to Costco instead. Then we searched other stores such as Bulkbarn and Loblaws for the rest of the snacks.

We are proud to sponsor such a challenging event, and are down to take on more challenges in the future.