Behind the scenes: Interview with Mudit, CEO, Urbery – Canada’s first on-demand grocery delivery service

To help give a better understanding of Urbery, we have compiled the interviews that our founder, Mudit, gave to various organizations including our friends over at Paypal and Canadian Grocer.

Urbery Ceo mudit shopping  groceries Toronto

“I was also amazed by the rising power of social capital and knew the time was right to launch a service that not only allows customers to shop for groceries and have them delivered quickly, but also create an avenue for people who love grocery shopping and could now earn money while doing it.”

First, what is Urbery exactly? 

Urbery is a Toronto-based grocery delivery service that delivers personalized grocery orders to your door in under two hours. It’s perfect for helping out in a pinch when that must-have item is missing from your meal, or for stocking up on everything you’ll need for the week, especially those items that are heavy to carry. Plus, there are no restrictions on how much or how little you can order.

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Perfect Whiskey Sour Recipe

Urbery Whiskey SourWho doesn’t love a cold drink on a hot summers day? We here at Urbery are already dreaming of the perfect weekend getaway – sitting in the patio barbecuing with our loved ones. This week, we want to find ways to help you plan the perfect barbecue party. And what better way to do so than by sharing our favourite whiskey sour recipe*.  We believe whiskey sour is the perfect end to a summers day barbecue because the acids from the lemon combines splendidly with the savoury flavours of the burgers.

*We are excited to announce Urbery is now supporting alcohol delivery in addition to our existing grocery delivery service!

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Food Handling at Urbery

Grocery Guru Urbery

Freshness & Quality is what makes us a unique same day grocery delivery service in Toronto!

At Urbery, we go to great lengths to ensure that we deliver the freshest and highest quality groceries. Our Grocery Gurus buy groceries from multiple stores including chains such as Loblaw, Sobeys, Metro, etc*. and deliver it to the customers doorstep at a time convenient to them.  Our Grocery Gurus won’t settle for anything less than perfection – if they’re not satisfied with the quality of products in one store, they’ll visit other stores and keep looking until the ideal piece of produce or cut of meat is found.

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Grocery Guru Selection Process at Urbery

Pikcing groceries 1At Urbery, we are about efficiency, speed and quality. We provide our customers with same-day grocery delivery service in Toronto, and we can even deliver groceries to your doorstep in under 2 hours from the time that you order. To do so, we have a trusted team of Grocery Gurus that can deliver the products.

We wouldn’t send just anybody to your front door. Before they can call themselves a Grocery Guru, our applicants go through a selective interview process, criminal and driving background check, and a comprehensive food selection training program at Urbery. Only the best of the best earn the privilege of joining our professional shopping team of Grocery Gurus.

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It’s Fresh Out Of The Oven

Urbery Blog Same Day Grocery Delivery

Hey guys!

We here at Urbery have been thinking hard at ways to connect with our customers, and we have decided to start a blog to share with you all the things we have planned for the future, as well as recipes and tips to make the most out of your groceries. As you may know, Urbery is Toronto’s first same-day grocery delivery service that allows you to order your groceries from your favourite store and have it delivered to your doorstep in as little as 2 hours!

Just like our service, we want to bring you the freshest content.

To do so we’ve dedicated a team to creating new blog posts every Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday. Be on the lookout for time saving recipe ideas, food tips, party planning tips and company announcements.

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Where To… Eat For Restaurant Week

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Is It Donut Or Doughnut?

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Weekend Adventure At The Hillside Winery

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The Creamiest Ice Cream Recipe

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  • pork chop


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