Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

+ What is Urbery?
Urbery is a same day grocery delivery service that uses a fleet of personal grocery shoppers who buy and deliver your groceries to your doorstep!  Urban + Grocery = Urbery.

+ Who is picking my order?
Our Grocery Guru –  your personal grocery shopper –  picks and delivers your groceries from your favourite grocery store. Our Grocery Gurus are knowledgeable product experts and also receive training in selecting the best quality groceries. Your Grocery Guru will personally select the items from your order and deliver straight to your door.

+ How quickly will I receive my order?
It all depends on your convenience. On average, Urbery can deliver your groceries to your doorstep within two hours of you placing your order.

+ What if I don’t like the quality of products that were picked for me?
If for any reason you do not like the product that was picked for you, send us a picture at and we will make sure we replace the item and also refund you the price for it.

+ Do you deliver alcohol?
Yes! – Urbery is an AGCO (Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario)approved license alcohol delivery service. That means that we now deliver alcohol to residential addresses to people of legal drinking age. Please make sure you have your government issued ID ready for age verification during the delivery.

+ What about underage drinking?
We take the problem of underage drinking very seriously. Our Grocery Gurus are SMART serve holders and undergo the Responsible Service Training Program to make sure they are delivering to people who are of legal drinking age. The person ordering the alcohol must be of legal drinking age and be the one receiving the order. At the time of delivery they must show a valid government issued ID to to our Grocery Guru to verify their age. We accept Government issues driving license, Government issues passports or Government issued Photo ID (BYID). The Grocery Guru will NOT deliver you the alcohol if you fail to comply with these rules. Once an order is delivered to a person of legal age, who shows a valid form of identification and agrees to the terms of use, it is that individual’s legal responsibility to not share the order with people who are underage — essentially the same as when drinks are purchased from a brick and mortar store.

+ Do you charge for delivery?
Yes, our delivery fees are based on the size of your order.
◦ Orders under $ 39.99 – $9.99
◦ Orders between $40.00 to $64.99 – $5.99
◦ Orders above $64.99
◦ We charge a flat $10.00 fee for alcohol in addition to the Grocery Delivery Fee (If applicable)

+ When can I order?
You can order from Urbery anytime, with deliveries from 10AM to 10PM everyday. During the current launch phase we are offering selected delivery times between 5:00PM to 9:00PM.

+ What areas do you service?

+ Where does the grocery comes from?
We use a network of top Canadian grocery stores to pick up our customers orders. You can always tell us your preferred store in the note section and we will make sure our Grocery Gurus use that particular store. Soon we will launch the ability where you can pick multiple stores to fulfil all your weekly grocery needs.

+ Can I make changes to my order once its been submitted?
Yes! If you would like to make changes to your order, you can call or email us up to one hour before the scheduled delivery time. If you need to make changes less than an hour before the scheduled delivery time, we will do our best to accommodate you.

+ Can I cancel my order?
Orders can be cancelled without charge up to one hour before the scheduled delivery time and your payment will appear as a credit towards your next order. If you cancel less than 30 minutes before the scheduled delivery, we will credit the value of your order to your account and charge a $19.99 late cancellation fee.

+ Do I have to be present to accept my order?
Yes. Our Gurus will not leave your order if no one is home to receive it. If you will not be available to accept the delivery, you can call or email Urbery to arrange delivery for another time. If no one is home at the time of the scheduled delivery, we will credit your order to your account and charge a $19.99 no-show fee.

+ Are your prices different than the prices in grocery stores?
Yes. Depending on the product, our prices can be higher or lower than prices offered in stores.

+ Do you offer discounts and promotions?
Yes! We offer weekly specials and promotions on popular products.

+ Do you accept store coupons?
Currently we do not accept coupons.

+ How can I pay for my order?
We currently accept MasterCard, American Express, Visa & PayPal.

+ Can I pay with cash?
At this time, we are not accepting cash payments.

+ Should I tip my Grocery Guru?
We encourage tipping, and our Gurus keep 100% of any tips they receive. We are incorporating a tip mechanism in our platform itself that will allow you to add tip during placing the order or after having the ordered delivered.

+ Can I be a Grocery Guru?
Yes! We are always looking for energetic Gurus to join our team! If you’re interested, please click here

+ But I have more questions…
Please feel free to contact us via email at or write to us at Suite 3712, 88 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON, M4W3G9. You can also call us at +1-416-666-3874