Happy National Pasta Day! Delicious Cheese Sauce, with just 7 ingredients

Mac & CheeseGuest Author: Gena (Urbery Marketing Manager)

Happy National Pasta Day! Mac & cheese is always a winning meal, and one of my favourites. If you’re looking for a tried-and-true cheese sauce to spice up your pasta, you can’t go wrong with this simple recipe.

My father made this for me when I was a kid, and I’ve been making it ever since. It is a great back-to-basics sauce that takes 7 ingredients, and less than 20 minutes to prepare. In the same amount of time you’d spend making a boxed mac-and-cheese, you could make this. Don’t let the recipe below fool you. It makes a lot and is super affordable. Depending on how much you want or how many you’re feeding, just double the ingredients.

If you love leftovers like I do, this reheats nicely. You’ll need the following to make this, and can substitute any of the ingredients with vegan or gluten free items your prefer.Continue Reading


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This month is National Hamburger Month and to celebrate, our team at Urbery met up with our friends at Knorr to see who could cook up the most delicious burger. As you can imagine, the conversation centred around food, food, and more food! We shared our love for barbeques, on-demand groceries – delivered by your own personal Grocery Guru – and of course, paid homage to the reason for celebration – the mighty hamburger!

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Spend more time with friends and family

Let Urbery deliver your groceries while you spend time with loved your ones

Life can get busy, really busy; sometimes living your life can get in the way of enjoying your life. At Urbery, we believe that life should be enjoyed as much as possible, which is why we’ve put together a list of things you need to start doing so you can spend more time with friends and family.

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Revolutionizing same-day grocery delivery in Toronto!

Our friends at  Investors Angel recently showcased Urbery as part of their ongoing series of covering disruptive start-ups. Part of the exercise was an in-depth interview with our CEO, Mudit, and his journey from moving to Canada to starting a new business!

You can read the entire post here on our blog!

PS: Our team absolutely digs all the graphic work the team at Investors Angel did on this piece!



Mudit Rawat grew up in India, where everyone had their food delivered to the doorstep by the local merchant. Today, Mudit has reinvented this old tradition by bridging it with today’s P2P technology, offering customers a personal grocery “guru.”

When Mudit Rawat moved from India to Canada to pursue his MBA, he realized that the culture gap was vastly different, particularly when it came to how groceries are purchased and delivered.

Mudit Rawat, Founder and CEO of Urbery

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Grocery Guru Selection Process at Urbery

Pikcing groceries 1At Urbery, we are about efficiency, speed and quality. We provide our customers with same-day grocery delivery service in Toronto, and we can even deliver groceries to your doorstep in under 2 hours from the time that you order. To do so, we have a trusted team of Grocery Gurus that can deliver the products.

We wouldn’t send just anybody to your front door. Before they can call themselves a Grocery Guru, our applicants go through a selective interview process, criminal and driving background check, and a comprehensive food selection training program at Urbery. Only the best of the best earn the privilege of joining our professional shopping team of Grocery Gurus.

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