Video: Gluten free pancakes with just 4 ingredients

I love pancakes, but I’m also a bit of a health conscious person who is also short on time. Getting the ingredients together is a hassle and the packaged mix is full of junk. So finding this gluten-free recipe changed my breakfasts for the better. Watch the video below, and learn how to make a quick and easy version that now my go-to.

You can also following the step-by-step photos shown here.

  • 1 bananna
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tbsp of maple syrup (support local and buy Canadian)
  • a dash of cinnammon

Urbery Video Banana Pancakes-1Urbery Video Banana Pancakes-4

Urbery Video Banana Pancakes-13Urbery Video Banana Pancakes-15

Urbery Video Banana Pancakes-19Urbery Video Banana Pancakes-23

Urbery Video Banana Pancakes-27Urbery Video Banana Pancakes-37

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